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Saving Mike

Some lettering I did recently for a shirt for the family/friends of Mike to wear to support his battle with kidney cancer.

Olle Goes Vintage

I totally told myself to leave the Olle lettering alone so I can sit on it for a few days and then review again later, but hey, what better way to waste precious time needed for actual paid work than goofing around? 

I’m having fun messing with it though :) Okay, back to work!

Still Kicking in 2013

Sooooooo 2012 was crazy. Some good, some great, some horrible, but I keep chugging along so hopefully I’ll have more time to get better and better at my lettering and illustration in 2013! To kick things off, there’s a few new projects on my site and for side projects I’m starting to develop lettering for my first forray into the font biz. Here’s a quick shot I just uploaded on Dribbble. Stay tuned for more screenshots and refinements (don’t judge my curves just yet, I’m fixing themmmm).

Butter Rum, phase 1

Soooo, just trying something new. here’s phase 1! Stay tuned as it evolves.

Bored on Sunday

Downtime between projects is both a blessing and a curse! So what do I do on a Sunday with no work, I create a portrait of my shar-pei :) I do more lettering than illustration in my 9-5 stuff so it’s nice sometimes to work out the ol’ illo muscles.

Agathe the Flexible

I just finished some artwork for the great Buenos Aires band, Agathe y el Fideicomiso! Check out Agathe, the two-headed snake charming, knife throwing contortionist! Here’s a sneak peak, the full work is up on my site!

Everywhere Project - Take 2

Sooooo, this tuned out way different than the first sneak peak one post down. Sometimes I get stuck and it’s not quite turning out the way I want so I have to rethink and start redoing either from scratch or the pieces I have in order to meet deadline! See the full work at my site:

Tulsa - Everywhere Project

Still in progress! Need to hurry up and finish, the deadline approacheth! Handlettering based off old 40s/50s styles. 

C is for Cinderella

A little sneak peak for some lettering/illo concept work done recently for SpotCo.